Bobbi Brown Fall 2009 Nude Collection

16 Jun




On Saturday I spotted Bobbi’s fall collection by chance while heading to the Nordstroms cafe. I haven’t been stalking the Nordstoms Bobbi counter but I will say I have been observant and even questioned some of the Nordstroms SAs in the store. They all had said until Saturday that they would receive fall merchandise in July! Ha I did not believe them because I remember last year the fall Mauve Collection (my all time favorite) popped up right before the Anniversary Sale.


The fall 2009 Nude Collection is a small collection compared to the collection Bobbi introduced last year. (This seems to be a big trend a lot of product has been released since 2009 started, however there hasn’t been one comprehensive collection featuring glosses, lip colors, cheek colors and eye colors, liners like last year.) 


It is of course another stellar Bobbi nude collection. Bobbi has introduced new lip colors, an eye palette, a new gel eyeliner and (hurray) a new shimmer break. The eye palette is very intriguing you get six colors but in a three pan palette that has split each individual well. You can take the eye shadow duos out of the palette. For the $38 you are in fact getting the three pan palette plus three eye shadow units (Clever!, I love this concept I can take the shades I love and add them to the six pan palette that I am using.) The splitting of the individual wells of the palette is a trend, and was done earlier this spring with the Lip Quads. What you loose with this palette is a brush. Usually you get a eye shadow/liner brush with these types of Bobbi palettes.


Below is a listing of the items:


Creamy Lip colors:

Soft blush

Rose bud (i love this one!)

Rose garden

Twilight (my favorite!)


Eye Shadow Palette shades: (all new except good old Navajo)

Pebble metallic


Beige linen shimmer wash

Maple sugar metallic



Gel Eyeliner:

Caviar Ink, a dark dark brown almost black but not as warm as chocolate. My new favorite. At first I dismissed it, but now I am a fan of brown liner. This will give you all the drama of black but not the same strong line of demarcation on your lashes as black, very nice. 


Shimmer Brick:

Nude, very similar to the Beige and Tawny shimmer bricks in tone but just a tad lighter and it features that pinky/brown strip that is in the Bronze and Sandstone shimmer bricks. In my opinion it looks a lot like the Bronze shimmer brick but up a few levels on the golden brownness, it has a lot of golden caramel tones. The most recent shimmer bricks have all been on the more colorful pinky shimmery side, for example the platinum, pink, and pink quartz shimmer bricks. I think this will be a huge hit.  


The completed look on the model in the ad campaign is a very Belle de Jour-ish look and the imagery for the campaign reminds me of an 80/90’s pose, how the model’s head is tilted. Perhaps this is a nod to the 90’s nude make-up revolution. 


Nude Shimmer Brick photo-5


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