22 May

More on National Makeover day…this palette was featured during the primetime 7 p.m. show Thursday for QVC National Makeover Day. I noticed the Antigua Palette which was previously unavailable in the US,  and only in the UK at the Bobbi UK site. After checking the Bobbi site Thursday it is also available there. This looks like a great summer palette if you don’t have the eyeshadow shades or lip colors, the Antigua illuminating bronzer is a great shade as shown on the model above. I believe the Oat shade is one that is exclusive to this palette. The models looks great in this palette. I’m always so inspired by the looks she puts on the models when she’s on QVC.

Shades include:
Navajo Eye Shadow, Oat Eye Shadow, Caviar Eye Shadow
Antigua Illuminating Bronzer
Kitten Creamy Lip Color, Pink Ballet Creamy Lip Color, Azalea Metallic Lip Color

***Lots of other items added to the QVC inventory including skin care which was featured during the prime time show.


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