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Bobbi Brown Denim & Rose Collection

30 Jun

The fall collections are coming in and I am so in love with this one. I happened upon it Wednesday morning at Nordstroms. I love the image of the model and the tagline “Feeling Rock and Roll?”.  This is a great lead up to fall 2010, featuring denim, which is fall staple. The Denim and Rose Face Palette will be a new favorite, the packaging of the palette is fresh featuring a denim case, a departure for BB.  Additionally, most of the shades in the palette are new, this includes a new gel eyeliner in the shade denim, a new shade of Extreme Party Mascara in denim, a new sparkle eye shadow in denim  and Raspberry shimmer lip gloss.

Phew, and there is a completely  new product: a Highlighter Pen, the sales associate likened to a liquid shimmer brick. Oh and I can’t forget an extremely cute brush set with of course a denim case. I love this palette it is just adorable, it scores an A+ for presentation, as a result I succumbed and purchased the palette and gel eyeliner. I didn’t realize the mascara was also in the shade denim, now knowing that it wasn’t another black mascara I will check it out, I am a big fan of colored mascaras.

I love the image of the model and the styling the styling of the model is very J.Crew. Now back to the makeup.

Below is a list of the shades in the palette.

Eye shadow shades included:

– Navajo Eyeshadow (a creamy pinkish white).
– New Grey Denim Eyeshadow (a medium-cool grey).
– New Pink Granite Eyeshadow (a marble grey-pink).
– New Dark Rinse Wash Eyeshadow (a deep bright blue).

Lip shades include:
– New Iced Lilac Glitter Lip Gloss (a silver-pink marble).
– New Hot Rose Lip Gloss (a bright pink).
– New Cool Rose Creamy Lip Color (a medium bright pink shimmer).
– New Indie Rose Creamy Lip Color (a medium neutral rose).
– Cheek shade includes:
– New Pink Rose Blush (a medium pink rose).

So far the collection is available at Nordstroms and as of today on the site. Today Bobbi fans got the following email announcing the collection.


Chocolate & Navy Nordstroms Pre-Sale Exclusive

24 Jun

Its that time again, the Nordstroms Anniversary sale which annually features Beauty Exclusives. Check them out here. I saw this particular beauty exclusive June 5 at my local Nordstroms. At the time there wasn’t much information about it and I didnt get to really look at it. I wasn’t very excited about, it features a gel eyeliner in Caviar Ink (which I have 2 of already) and eyeliner brush, Everything mascara , Brownie lip color and an eye palette.  Mind you, these are full size items for $75. Purchase online or at the stores, quantities are limited.  This is a great value considering most BB eye palettes are $60. I have a lot of BB already which is why I couldn’t get excited but this is still a great opportunity since you get full size product. Most of the eye palette doesn’t feature new shades, but there are two: Gold Bar Sparkle and Royal Navy. Below is a list including  other shades that are featured:

Eyeshadow palette: Navajo, Cement, and Copper Cocoa Gold Bar (shimmerwash) and Royal Navy.

Caviar gel eyeliner

Brownie lipstick

Pink Blossom lipgloss

Black Everything mascara

There also a brush kit available for $75 for the pre-sale, another great deal since full price they would run you $150.

Sonja’s Makeup Lesson-Bobbi Brown Beach Collection and Treatment Lip Shine

24 Jun

One of my favorite You-Tube make-up reviewers,Sonja Shin Hodgkins, has posted her Beach Collection Lesson. Check it out here. Also check out her blog Hello Beauty (; she has great reviews of other beauty collections.

Bobbi’s Beach Club in stores now

4 Jun

Bobbi fans I know you have been waiting for something new at the counters. Well the Beach Club Collection is now available. It been out for a few weeks at Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus, and the BB site. This collection features new shimmery metallic long wear eye creams, and one natural long wear eye cream. The star of course is the new Beach Shimmer Brick. I am enjoying the reemergence of shimmer bricks in the last year. Some like the Pink Quartz have been re-introduced but we have seen new shades including Nectar, Nude and during the holidays even a Plum shimmer brick. I can’t wait to test the Beach Shimmer Brick and compare it to the rest of my shimmer brick collection.