Chocolate & Navy Nordstroms Pre-Sale Exclusive

24 Jun

Its that time again, the Nordstroms Anniversary sale which annually features Beauty Exclusives. Check them out here. I saw this particular beauty exclusive June 5 at my local Nordstroms. At the time there wasn’t much information about it and I didnt get to really look at it. I wasn’t very excited about, it features a gel eyeliner in Caviar Ink (which I have 2 of already) and eyeliner brush, Everything mascara , Brownie lip color and an eye palette.  Mind you, these are full size items for $75. Purchase online or at the stores, quantities are limited.  This is a great value considering most BB eye palettes are $60. I have a lot of BB already which is why I couldn’t get excited but this is still a great opportunity since you get full size product. Most of the eye palette doesn’t feature new shades, but there are two: Gold Bar Sparkle and Royal Navy. Below is a list including  other shades that are featured:

Eyeshadow palette: Navajo, Cement, and Copper Cocoa Gold Bar (shimmerwash) and Royal Navy.

Caviar gel eyeliner

Brownie lipstick

Pink Blossom lipgloss

Black Everything mascara

There also a brush kit available for $75 for the pre-sale, another great deal since full price they would run you $150.


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