Blue eyeshadow’s comeback

28 Jul

You may have noticed the reemergence of blue shadow. A once taboo eye shadow shade has made its way back to beauty counters and into make-up bags, including mine.  I remember blue frosty eyeshadow being banished from women’s make-up bags while watching a makeover on the Oprah show (I think it was the late 80’s maybe early 90’s). Gone are the frosty blue eyeshadows of the past as well as hmm frosty shadows. Remember that book “Blue Eyeshadow Should Absolutely be Illegal“. In 2010 its more about shimmer  and bold color rather than glitter or frost. For me blue became a covetable shade when I saw Alexander McQueen’s collection for MAC (Fall 2007). I loved that collection, which was clearly inspired by Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra. I moved on from the aquas of that collection which recalled the Mediterranean to a very shimmery deep blue shade by Urban Decay.

Tom Pecheux is now Creative Makeup Director at Estee Lauder and launched their new line with a blue eyeshadow compact “Blue Dahlia” for the Pure Color collection. Clearly Estee Lauder (parent company of MAC and Bobbi Brown cosmetics) is moving in hmm a more fashion forward direction with the employment of Pecheux. The ad campaign images are beautiful for Fall 2010 and the color is rich and intense.

It’s looks as if there is a blue for everyone from the dark intensity of denim noted in the Denim & Rose collection to the watery aqua shades of the summer.


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