Black Velvet collection and video available online

31 Aug

The Black Velvet collection is available online at There is also a video available ,click here to view, featuring the collection. The image on the site are great with detailed information about the new shades. I like that black is the base shade of the collection and that it is infused with plum and chocolate shades. This is a departure from the black and silvery smokey eyes we have seen over the years.

As mentioned in some other blog posts, the metallic eyeshadows do have a lot of sparkle and are sheerer than you may have suspected. I swatched some this past Saturday at Nordstrom. The metallic shadow provide a lot of texture and dimension in comparison to the flat shades. Nordstrom did not have the sparkle eyeshadows available or eyeliners yet, however website has been updated with the Black Velvet collection. In person the collection has a lot more color than you may have expected based upon viewing images online.

This collection may not be edgy enough for some people and too edgy for others. No its not the MAC Style Black collection from last year.I find that Bobbi’s looks rely a lot on her make-up artistry and not just bright or high contrast colors. Her collections have used colors for years but for some reason that gets overlooked. Anyone remember the Bobbi Brights eye palette ?

Other blogs with reviews:

KarlaSugar Nice swatches

Musingsofamuse Nice overall review

thebeautylookbook Good review of the metallic shadows

Makeupandbeautyblog Great review, swatches and photos on brown skin with really good lighting.


bestthingsinbeauty Has a great post about a Bobbi Masterclass with Tia Hebron (awesome artist) full of great tips and her eye look featuring Black Velvet. She also has a post with swatches here.

So what items will you try? I’m definitely going to get the sparkle shadows, the gloss and maybe a lipstick. I’ve done dark lips in the past and may have something in my collection already.Thinking about venturing out and getting the kohl liner and metallic shadows.


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