Bobbi on QVC tonight

5 Oct

Bobbi will be on QVC tonight at 8 p.m.

There are select items on easy pay only until midnight, including the previously aired Downtown Collection.

New items posted to

Beauty Rules Palette

Beauty Rules Book

Beauty Rules Deluxe set: book, palette, eyeliner and lip gloss-free shipping

Denim & Rose Brush Kit

Luminous Highlighter Pen

Black Velvet Deluxe Color Collection: Black Garnet Lipstick, Extreme Party Mascara, Black Charcoal Metallic Eyeshadow, Ivory Eyeshadow, Desert Pink Blush, Mini Crystal Lip Gloss, Black Khol Eyeliner, Blush brush, eyeshadow

Earlier this morning there was an image of an eye palette that was labeled “Bare to Bold” in the beauty section. It looked like the eye palette in the “Uptown” collection. The “Uptown” Collection is part of the auto-delivery collection which featured the “Downtown” collection in May. It has mysteriously disappeared, also it isn’t featured as an item to purchase either.


Black Velvet collection and video available online

31 Aug

The Black Velvet collection is available online at There is also a video available ,click here to view, featuring the collection. The image on the site are great with detailed information about the new shades. I like that black is the base shade of the collection and that it is infused with plum and chocolate shades. This is a departure from the black and silvery smokey eyes we have seen over the years.

As mentioned in some other blog posts, the metallic eyeshadows do have a lot of sparkle and are sheerer than you may have suspected. I swatched some this past Saturday at Nordstrom. The metallic shadow provide a lot of texture and dimension in comparison to the flat shades. Nordstrom did not have the sparkle eyeshadows available or eyeliners yet, however website has been updated with the Black Velvet collection. In person the collection has a lot more color than you may have expected based upon viewing images online.

This collection may not be edgy enough for some people and too edgy for others. No its not the MAC Style Black collection from last year.I find that Bobbi’s looks rely a lot on her make-up artistry and not just bright or high contrast colors. Her collections have used colors for years but for some reason that gets overlooked. Anyone remember the Bobbi Brights eye palette ?

Other blogs with reviews:

KarlaSugar Nice swatches

Musingsofamuse Nice overall review

thebeautylookbook Good review of the metallic shadows

Makeupandbeautyblog Great review, swatches and photos on brown skin with really good lighting.


bestthingsinbeauty Has a great post about a Bobbi Masterclass with Tia Hebron (awesome artist) full of great tips and her eye look featuring Black Velvet. She also has a post with swatches here.

So what items will you try? I’m definitely going to get the sparkle shadows, the gloss and maybe a lipstick. I’ve done dark lips in the past and may have something in my collection already.Thinking about venturing out and getting the kohl liner and metallic shadows.

Black Velvet is coming, available at Neiman Marcus online

18 Aug

Yes we have seen the perennial fall return of the dark lip, time and time again. Every few years it returns, we even saw a black lip at YSL the year before last. Anyone paying attention to Fall 2010 RTW also saw that dark lip colors, smokey eyes and purple eyeshadow were going to be big this fall.

Well it’s time for Bobbi’s take and I am loving it. It (the Black Velvet collection) looks insane the different textures, metallic eyeshadow, sparkle eyeshadow and flat shadows,gloss and lip color. Who ever thinks Bobbi doesn’t do color and only neutrals has been living in a hole. This collection is ridiculous!!!

Bestthingsinbeauty has great details on the products available in the collection including photos with shades which appear to be from a lookbook. Check out her post for the details.

Well the collection is available at Neiman Marcus. is not completely ready but appears to list the eyeshadow shades in product descriptions. I can’t wait to see it in person, I’m not big on ordering make-up online but I feel like I could order all of these sight un-seen but I will be patient and wait.

I can’t wait for Sonja Shin Hodgkins to do her video tutorial!!!

I am so looking forward to fall and can’t wait until this hits the counters. Let me know if you see it out there.

Beauty Rules

16 Aug

You may have heard that Bobbi’s new book for young women will arrive in book stores shortly. I remember reading that her teen beauty book would be updated a couple years ago. Even better yet there is a cute new palette to go along with it currently available online at Nordstrom. How cute is the cover, it looks like a book ?! The book features a foreward by Hillary Duff; you can pre-order it at Amazon.

No description of the shades but I will take a stab at the eyeshadows and cheek colors. Eyes: Navajo, Lightening Sparkle, Orchid Sparkle and Caviar. Cheeks: pot rouges in Pale Pink and Powder Pink.

It’s described here on Nordstrom:

“From homeroom fresh and pretty to homecoming gorgeous. In celebration of her new beauty manual for teens, ‘Beauty Rules,’ Bobbi designed this limited-edition palette of extreme but totally wearable eye, lip and cheek colors.”

Denim & Rose Video Tutorial

29 Jul

Sonja’s got another tutorial, this one for the Denim & Rose Collection. This one is especially helpful because there are some good technique tips that Katrina gives for our eyes. I have seen Bobbi state this as well, that one should press the shadow into our eyes instead of rubbing it in. This will prevent fallout which can be particularly dangerous when you are doing that smokey eye. No one wants to look like they were socked in the eye or crying… Check it out at YouTube Also check out her detailed review with pictures on her blog

Blue eyeshadow’s comeback

28 Jul

You may have noticed the reemergence of blue shadow. A once taboo eye shadow shade has made its way back to beauty counters and into make-up bags, including mine.  I remember blue frosty eyeshadow being banished from women’s make-up bags while watching a makeover on the Oprah show (I think it was the late 80’s maybe early 90’s). Gone are the frosty blue eyeshadows of the past as well as hmm frosty shadows. Remember that book “Blue Eyeshadow Should Absolutely be Illegal“. In 2010 its more about shimmer  and bold color rather than glitter or frost. For me blue became a covetable shade when I saw Alexander McQueen’s collection for MAC (Fall 2007). I loved that collection, which was clearly inspired by Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra. I moved on from the aquas of that collection which recalled the Mediterranean to a very shimmery deep blue shade by Urban Decay.

Tom Pecheux is now Creative Makeup Director at Estee Lauder and launched their new line with a blue eyeshadow compact “Blue Dahlia” for the Pure Color collection. Clearly Estee Lauder (parent company of MAC and Bobbi Brown cosmetics) is moving in hmm a more fashion forward direction with the employment of Pecheux. The ad campaign images are beautiful for Fall 2010 and the color is rich and intense.

It’s looks as if there is a blue for everyone from the dark intensity of denim noted in the Denim & Rose collection to the watery aqua shades of the summer.

Bobbi Brown’s Pretty Powerful Makeovers on Oprah

8 Jul

Check out these “Pretty Powerful” makeovers by Bobbi posted on There is great commentary and step by step instructions for each look. Check it out here.