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Bobbi Brown Holiday: Choose Your Glam

20 Oct

So today I spotted the holiday collection at Nordstrom, not the gift collection. So the theme is “Choose your glam” and centers around red lip color including glosses, liner and lipsticks and eye palettes and glitter eye liner. The eye palettes include the smoky, sultry and smoldering palettes mentioned in my previous post. I swatched the eye paints and I really those shades, they are really intensely pigmented, sparkly yet not sheer like the sparkly eyeshadow or not quite shimmery like the metallics. KarlaSugar has the goods with swatches and photos of the counter display.


City Lights Collection

14 Oct

Part Two of the QVC exclusive Bobbi Collection arrived at home Tuesday. It is part of the QVC auto-delivery that was advertised on National Makeover Day. Click here to see previous post. Basically you ordered the Downtown collection in May and then received a second collection in October, both collections were offered on easy pay.

Its the same format as the Downtown Collection; eye palette, lip palette, lip gloss, gel eye liner, blush, eye liner brush and tip card. Eye palette same composition: two flat shades, two shimmer and one metallic.
Eye Palette Shades:Caviar, Stone (Shimmer Wash), Lunar (Shimmer Wash), Ivory (in Downtown Collection also), Night Star (Metallic)
Lip Palette Shades: Pale Mauve, Heather Mauve , Brown (in Downtown Collection also), Sunset Nude (Creamy Lip Color), Plum (Metallic)
Sheer Color Lip Gloss:-Marina Pink
Gel Eye Liner: Thunder (a shimmer)
Blush: Desert Pink

Mini Bobbi Brights Eye Palette Available

13 Oct

Holiday 2010 is upon us already including the internet rumored Mini Bobbi Brights Eye Palette, which is available on bobbibrowncosmetics.com. This is a mini version of the Bobbi Brights Eye Palette (my all time favorite eye palette), it has only 20 shades compared to the 35 in the original. Several of  the shades are very gemstone-like. This palette is part of the very glam and luxurious holiday 2010 collection.

Check out the other holiday offerings at Nordstroms.com. They include a travel case, eye palettes, a lip gloss trio and lip palettes. Some retailer exclusive items include brush sets and the Neiman Marcus trunk (my annual fantasy item). Even QVC has the Sparkle Glamour Quad.

Also check out HelloBeauty for a full rundown on the items that are available at Nordstrom. Update: The Muse has a review of the Crystal Eye Palette, with swatches and pictures click here.

What I am really lusting over are the holiday palettes on the bobbi UK site. Every season there is something that is only available in the UK that makes me drool. I was happy to find that many of those items on the UK site are available at Neiman Marcus, including the Eye Couture Palette with brushes and the Modern Classic Eye and Lip Set. Additionally Neiman’s has 3 other eye palettes that no one else has, based upon themes: Sultry, Smokey and Smoldering. This new eye palettes include a new items, “long wear eye paints”. All of the shades with the exceptions of the “eye paints” we have seen before.  Additionally, there is a glitter eye liner pen that is exclusive to Neimans also. See photos below for photos of exclusive items.

What’s new? a lot for paletteholics! I’ll post and update with a list of all the shades soon.

Black Velvet collection and video available online

31 Aug

The Black Velvet collection is available online at bobbibrowncosmetics.com. There is also a video available ,click here to view, featuring the collection. The image on the site are great with detailed information about the new shades. I like that black is the base shade of the collection and that it is infused with plum and chocolate shades. This is a departure from the black and silvery smokey eyes we have seen over the years.

As mentioned in some other blog posts, the metallic eyeshadows do have a lot of sparkle and are sheerer than you may have suspected. I swatched some this past Saturday at Nordstrom. The metallic shadow provide a lot of texture and dimension in comparison to the flat shades. Nordstrom did not have the sparkle eyeshadows available or eyeliners yet, however Nordstrom.com website has been updated with the Black Velvet collection. In person the collection has a lot more color than you may have expected based upon viewing images online.

This collection may not be edgy enough for some people and too edgy for others. No its not the MAC Style Black collection from last year.I find that Bobbi’s looks rely a lot on her make-up artistry and not just bright or high contrast colors. Her collections have used colors for years but for some reason that gets overlooked. Anyone remember the Bobbi Brights eye palette ?

Other blogs with reviews:

KarlaSugar Nice swatches

Musingsofamuse Nice overall review

thebeautylookbook Good review of the metallic shadows

Makeupandbeautyblog Great review, swatches and photos on brown skin with really good lighting.


bestthingsinbeauty Has a great post about a Bobbi Masterclass with Tia Hebron (awesome artist) full of great tips and her eye look featuring Black Velvet. She also has a post with swatches here.

So what items will you try? I’m definitely going to get the sparkle shadows, the gloss and maybe a lipstick. I’ve done dark lips in the past and may have something in my collection already.Thinking about venturing out and getting the kohl liner and metallic shadows.

Cabana Corals

16 Feb

Bobbi introduced the Cabana Corals collection this week via email. I stalked this collection back in January and was happily rewarded. I looooove this collection! At first I was  a little skeptical, and a little biased against orange. However, I was pleasantly surprised three weeks ago when I purchased the Nectar Shimmer Brick, Cabo Coral Pot Rouge and Sunset Beach Shimmer LipGloss. I am a caramel complexion girl and that Nectar Shimmer Brick looks great on my skin. Every time I wear the Nectar Shimmer Brick I get a lot of compliments.

When the collection first appeared online (@ Nordstrom) there wasn’t a recommended or suggested look.

So how do I wear Cabana Corals? I do it two ways so far, I either work the Nude Eye Palette (from late summer/early fall 2009) or the Chocolate Eye Palette. For the Nude eye look, I wear the Navajo as the all over lid color, then Maple Sugar on the lid and Chino in the crease. I line my eye with the Caviar Gel Eyeliner, and mascara. When i wear the Chocolate Eye Palette I use the same technique, a light flat all over lid color (Bone), shimmery lid color (Cacao Shimmer Wash or Champagne Truffle Shimmer Wash) and a flat shade (Stone) in the crease.

For my cheeks I also add the Nectar Blush, which is not part of this collection. I got this blush last year during a makeover and haven’t worn it since then.  Don’t ask me why I haven’t worn it because  well I don’t have a good reason considering how good it looks…. Well I apply the Nectar Shimmer Brick on my cheekbones up towards my temples, then I apply the Nectar Blush right on the apples of my cheeks blending it out and then I do the Bobbi “pop” of color with the Cabo Coral Pot Rouge just on the apple of my cheeks. For my lips I either do Blondie Pink Lipstick or Heather Buff, which is applied very lightly and sparingly then on goes the Sunset Beach Shimmer LipGloss.

Online at the Bobbi website there is a model featured wearing Cabana Corals as part of the Pretty Powerful Campaign, click here to view. Additionally, over on the UK Bobbi website, there is a Cabana Corals look featuring a model, and a Cabana Corals Eye and Lip Palette, click here to view. The eye and lip palette is apparently pretty popular in the UK, as it is sold out, however you can get it here at Neiman Marcus.

Update: Bobbi used coral shades at the Rachel Roy Fall 2010 show. Click here to view the post at Stylist, which features a beautiful picture. There is also a great review and photos at Musings of a Muse, click here to view. I will try to get some photos of the swatches on my skin up soon.

Bobbi Brown Fall 2009 Nude Collection

16 Jun




On Saturday I spotted Bobbi’s fall collection by chance while heading to the Nordstroms cafe. I haven’t been stalking the Nordstoms Bobbi counter but I will say I have been observant and even questioned some of the Nordstroms SAs in the store. They all had said until Saturday that they would receive fall merchandise in July! Ha I did not believe them because I remember last year the fall Mauve Collection (my all time favorite) popped up right before the Anniversary Sale.


The fall 2009 Nude Collection is a small collection compared to the collection Bobbi introduced last year. (This seems to be a big trend a lot of product has been released since 2009 started, however there hasn’t been one comprehensive collection featuring glosses, lip colors, cheek colors and eye colors, liners like last year.) 


It is of course another stellar Bobbi nude collection. Bobbi has introduced new lip colors, an eye palette, a new gel eyeliner and (hurray) a new shimmer break. The eye palette is very intriguing you get six colors but in a three pan palette that has split each individual well. You can take the eye shadow duos out of the palette. For the $38 you are in fact getting the three pan palette plus three eye shadow units (Clever!, I love this concept I can take the shades I love and add them to the six pan palette that I am using.) The splitting of the individual wells of the palette is a trend, and was done earlier this spring with the Lip Quads. What you loose with this palette is a brush. Usually you get a eye shadow/liner brush with these types of Bobbi palettes.


Below is a listing of the items:


Creamy Lip colors:

Soft blush

Rose bud (i love this one!)

Rose garden

Twilight (my favorite!)


Eye Shadow Palette shades: (all new except good old Navajo)

Pebble metallic


Beige linen shimmer wash

Maple sugar metallic



Gel Eyeliner:

Caviar Ink, a dark dark brown almost black but not as warm as chocolate. My new favorite. At first I dismissed it, but now I am a fan of brown liner. This will give you all the drama of black but not the same strong line of demarcation on your lashes as black, very nice. 


Shimmer Brick:

Nude, very similar to the Beige and Tawny shimmer bricks in tone but just a tad lighter and it features that pinky/brown strip that is in the Bronze and Sandstone shimmer bricks. In my opinion it looks a lot like the Bronze shimmer brick but up a few levels on the golden brownness, it has a lot of golden caramel tones. The most recent shimmer bricks have all been on the more colorful pinky shimmery side, for example the platinum, pink, and pink quartz shimmer bricks. I think this will be a huge hit.  


The completed look on the model in the ad campaign is a very Belle de Jour-ish look and the imagery for the campaign reminds me of an 80/90’s pose, how the model’s head is tilted. Perhaps this is a nod to the 90’s nude make-up revolution. 


Nude Shimmer Brick photo-5